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At Mainstay Global Group, we see every fleet expense as an opportunity to optimize efficiency. our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing Best in Class transportation solutions and fostering a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.

Covering the entire range of services from buying to selling and everything in between, we can lower your costs, in time and money. So you can spend more time running your organization. Enterprise Fleet Management covers the full spectrum of every possible service associated with a vehicle’s lifecycle to create a full circle experience. Within each phase, our team will analyze your history, your needs and your goals to optimize your resources and find the right solution for you.

At the acquisition phase, your fleet manager determines which vehicle selection will serve your needs effectively. We offer custom financing plans to keep your capital flowing freely, allowing you to make investments in other areas of your business. We also offers different maintenance programs to save you money on the day-to-day operation of your vehicles, leveraging our network of affiliated service centers. Our fuel program gives you access to over many stations and the control to keep a lid on costs. We also can employ the use of telematics and GPS tracking to optimize fuel management and ensure safety guidelines are met while your drivers are out in the field.

When the time comes to sell your vehicles, Enterprise Fleet Management has an efficient process that sells vehicles quickly without sacrificing results. We sell vehicles through multiple networks, which gets you the best return.